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[[Yaaaaay drabble for Roooooose! ….Finally ._. And really? I only have five more after this one? Yaaay. Have some Doomsday feels…..>.>;;;]]

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((that was amazing… so many Doomsday feels now… I’m kinda shaking now…)) 

[[Feeeeeeeels. All the feels. DDDDDDD: Shaking? ]]

((I kinda shake when I get feels… especially Doomsday feels…. it just means it was amazing. If I don’t get feels from a Doomsday fic, something is terribly wrong!)) 

[[D: Ah, I get concerned when people shake… O: Ooooooh

My feels just come out in words like hence fics I write…..

That or I cry ;w;]]